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Dark Matter is a Canadian science fiction series created by Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie, based on their comic book of the same name and developed by Prodigy Pictures in association with Space channel. An order for 13 episodes was placed for the first season of the series, which premiered on June 12, 2015 on both Space and Syfy.[The series was renewed for a 13-episode second season in September 2015, which premiered on July 1, 2016. Dark Matter was renewed for a 13-episode third season in September 2016, which premiered on June 9, 2017


Season 3 (2017)

No. in
Title Directed by Written by Original air date
27 1 “Being Better Is So Much Harder” Ron Murphy Joseph Mallozzi June 9, 2017
Following the destruction of EOS-7, Two and Six are aboard the Marauder which is losing life support. Three and Lt. Anders are planetside and are forced to work together when a security drone attacks them. Five and Truffault reunite with the Raza, but are attacked by Ferrous Corp cruiser and deal with a boarding party. Six restores the communications aboard the Marauder and informs the Raza of their predicament. The Raza manages to destroy the Ferrous Corp cruiser while an oxygen-deprived Two hallucinates Nyx before the Raza saves the Marauder. The Galactic Authority rescue team arrive for Anders, who tells them he was alone. Anders contacts the Raza using a com frequency from Three to give the crew his coordinates. Afterwards, the Raza crew discuss their situation, Two believes that Ryo Ishida killed Nyx and wants to take revenge against him. Meanwhile, on Zairon, Ishida frees his former teacher Teku and makes him his Royal Counselor, against Misaki’s advice.
28 2 “It Doesn’t Have to Be Like This” Bruce McDonald Paul Mullie June 9, 2017
The Raza crew attack a secret Ishida research facility which they believe holds the Blink drive. Ryo boards the station using a clone and orders the scientists aboard to activate the Blink drive to take the station to Zairon. The drive takes the station to a pocket of null space which is slowly collapsing. Two and Three confront Ryo’s clone and kill him after he refuses to release the lockdown on the station. Meanwhile, Five relives memories from her past as a result of using the mind probe too many times, losing consciousness in the process. Having lost communication with the research facility, Ryo contacts the Raza, where the Android informs him of Nyx’s death. The collapse of the null space causes the station to lose power, which allows Two, Three and Six to access the control room where they discover the Blink drive is gone. They recover the drive from one of the scientists and use it to return to normal space, but find it is too damaged to use again. On the Raza, the Android suggests a procedure which saves Five’s life, just after she remembers she has a sister.
29 3 “Welcome to the Revolution” Steve DiMarco Joseph Mallozzi June 16, 2017
The Raza crew become involved in the independence struggle of a colony owned by Traugott Corporation. After an explosion kills the colonists’ leader, Six negotiates with the Traugott security guards, convincing them to leave peacefully to avoid a full-scale rebellion; but a faction of colonists double-cross him and attack the security guards anyway. When the bloodthirsty General of the anti-corporate rebellion arrives to assume leadership of the colony and incorporate it into his movement, Six shoots the General. Six then decides to leave the Raza and remain on the newly independent colony, feeling he can do the most good there. He is replaced on the Raza by Adrian (the former assistant of Tabor Calchek) and his bodyguard, Solara. Meanwhile, the Android discovers that Sarah’s consciousness is preserved in the ship’s computer, and Ryo sends mercenaries to take back the blink drive.
30 4 “All the Time in the World” Ron Murphy Joseph Mallozzi June 23, 2017
Three experiences a time loop, living the same day over and over again. He uses the repetitions to learn to speak French, and to work up the nerve to reestablish his relationship with Sarah (as preserved in the ship’s computer). Once he is able to persuade the rest of the crew that his experience is real, they are able to use his foreknowledge of the day’s events to foil an attack on the Raza by one of Ryo’s mercenaries. Once the device creating the time loop is discovered, the Android destroys it to break the loop; but in the process of doing so, she experiences brief visions of an unsettling and seemingly tragic future.
31 5 “Give It Up, Princess” J.B. Sugar Paul Mullie June 30, 2017
Tabor Calchek’s girlfriend Amber is taken hostage by a business rival, demanding in exchange for her safety that Adrian hand over a data file detailing Ferrous Corp’s military ship-building plans. The Raza crew and Adrian plan to recover the file for themselves and rescue Amber by force. During their attempt to secure the file, Adrian and Five are arrested by Ferrous security agents, and Adrian refuses an offer to betray the Raza crew in exchange for his safety; later, Adrian, Solara, and Two are captured by a security android, whom the Raza’s Android distracts by offering him a copy of her behavioral upgrade. When they arrive to rescue Amber, she reveals that she was in league with her abductor, but kills him and attempts to take the data file for herself before being stopped by the Raza crew. Investigating the Ferrous construction facilities, they find that the ships are already gone. Meanwhile, Misaki and Ryo’s advisor Teku jockey for influence over Ryo.
32 6 “One More Card To Play” Gail Harvey Alison Hepburn July 7, 2017
The crew of the alternate Raza from the episode “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill”—Portia, Boone, Tash, and Wexler—steal an Ishida prison ship. Impersonating Two and Three, Portia and Boone arrange to transport some missiles for the Mikkei Combine, and steal the missiles and the payment. The real Raza crew attempt to recover the missiles. A series of plots and counterplots ensues, as a result of which Five holds Portia and Boone prisoner aboard the Raza, Tash holds Three aboard the stolen ship, and Two, Adrian, and Solara hold Wexler prisoner on a planet. Tash rejects Five’s offer of a prisoner exchange and prepares to destroy the Raza, but the alternate Android shoots Tash and agrees to the terms, surrendering the stolen missiles. Intimidated by the danger and intensity of the Raza’s adventures, Adrian leaves the ship, accompanied by Solara. Later, alternate Portia negotiates an alliance with Ferrous Corp’s Commander Nieman; and the Raza crew return to Six’s colony to find the population apparently killed.
33 7 “Wish I Could Believe You” Paul Day Ivon Bartok July 14, 2017
Six awakens to find himself rescued by the Raza from the attack on his colony; the crew pressures him to reveal the location of a secret meeting of the leaders of rebel planets. He is also troubled by recurring visions of memories from his previous life, learning that he had a wife and child. He eventually realizes that his experiences on the Raza are a simulation controlled by Ferrous Corp scientists attempting to extract the meeting location from him; he awakens from the simulation, overpowers them, and forces one of them into the simulation in his place, so he can contact the real Raza for a rescue. Once back on board the Raza, he proposes taking a more active role against Ferrous Corp. Also, with Lt. Anders’ help, he learns that his wife and child have moved on and she has remarried. Meanwhile, Sarah yearns for more social interaction than has been available to her as an uploaded mind in a computer.
34 8 “Hot Chocolate” John Stead Lawren Bancroft-Wilson July 21, 2017
While Six is hosting a conference of delegates from rebel colonies on the Raza, Ryo has an accomplice hack into and control the Android, and thus gains access to the ship in order to attempt to recover the blink drive. Ryo and his soldiers board the Raza and capture Two, Three, and Six; and Ryo tells the delegates he will sponsor their membership in the League of Autonomous Planets in order to win their support. Five eludes capture and, with Sarah’s help, devises a way to free the Android and retake the ship; Ryo retreats, but swears he will take the blink drive eventually. Later, Five and the Android test the blink drive, rending everyone unconscious.
35 9 “Isn’t That a Paradox?” Craig David Wallace Joseph Mallozzi & Paul Mullie July 28, 2017
The crew attempts to run a diagnostic on the blink drive, which triggers a recall command that sends them back 600 years into the past (i.e., to the early 21st century). The Android discovers evidence of another blink drive in a small town in Wisconsin, and the crew attempt to blend in to the community while searching for it. There they find the creator of the blink drive, Professor Brophy, hiding out in the past to elude the corporations. When the local authorities find the Marauder, the crew use the blink drive to send Five back in time to earlier that day to set up defenses so that they can escape the town and return safely to the Raza (and the future) with the functioning blink drive. Afterwards, Commander Nieman and the alternate Two and Three contact Ryo for an alliance, while Victor calls the Android for help.
36 10 “Built, Not Born” Melanie Orr TBA August 4, 2017
37 11 “The Dwarf Star Conspiracy” Steve DiMarco TBA August 11, 2017
38 12 “My Final Gift To You” Bruce McDonald TBA August 18, 2017
39 13 “Nowhere To Go” Ron Murphy TBA August 25, 2017

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