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The World Archery Championships are a series of competitions in Archery organised by the World Archery Federation (WA).They first competition held under that title took place in 1931.

Competition archery takes a wide variety of formats, but the title “World Championships” is commonly reserved for the following three events.

  • Outdoor World Championships in target Archery
  • Indoor World Championships in target Archery
  • World Championships in field Archery.

Of these, the Outdoor World Championships in target Archery is most commonly referred to as simply the ‘World Archery Championships’, and the winners most commonly referred to as simply “world champions”. Events in those outdoor championships are held involving fixed targets at set distances, using a variety of bows, the recurve bow from 1931 and the compound bow since 1995.

Although less widely recognised, World Championship events are also held in

  • Youth archery (outdoor only – field and indoor youth events are held alongside the senior championships),
  • Para-archery,
  • University archery and
  • 3D archery.

A ski archery World Championships was last held in 2007, but is not part of the current rotation. Following the accession of archery to permanent sports at the Summer Universiade, the University world championships will also cease to be part of the World Archery Championships rotation in 2014

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